The O Show


Do you want to find out about the lives of artists? Do you need to know how they balance the challenges of making art, paying the bills and finding love?

The O Show was made for you!
Out with the Oprah, in with the new!

Professional artist and self-taught therapist Oriana Fox hosts the kind of chat show you’ve always wanted to see. The O Show provides fresh inspiration and straight talk from the mouths of artists and performers. Oriana, her guests and staff psychologists (Oriana’s Mom and Dad) provide the tools you need to make a change – if not in the world – then at least in your little corner of it. It’s a show that will raise your energy, lower your blood pressure and occasionally make you laugh—in short, a whole 45 minutes to an hour of pure possibility.

Artists have a lot to deal with – whether it’s their larger-than-life passion, psychological neuroses or the challenges inherent in the bohemian lifestyle – many of them find creativity to be the only respite. If Oriana’s guests can find complacency, or at least enjoy themselves in the process of striving towards it, so can you!

Creative practitioners share their work, their life stories and their respective coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s obstacles. As life coach Barbara DeAngelis once said: “We teach what we need to learn.” For those viewers whose cup of joy runneth over, many of the techniques illuminated by these professionals can be employed towards achieving ever increasing happiness, self-actualisation and creative productivity. At the very least, The O Show provides an opportunity to debate whether or not happiness should be anyone’s ultimate goal. Whatever Oriana’s findings turn out to be, you can be a part of it! Join The O Show community and make a commitment to personal and political transformation!

Episode Synopses: 

The Pilot (2010)
As an all-out spoof of daytime telly’s chat show clichés, this episode features Jay, the ideally effeminate trans man, stay-at-home dad; Felicity, a lesbian tele-sales operator from Woking; and Owen, a performance artist and counter-cultural superficial-narcissistic-Goth. Felicity receives a ‘Frumpy to Fabulous’ Makeover by The O Show‘s fashion and beauty expert inspired by our fabulous sisters the drag queens. It was filmed and broadcast live online from the Performance Studies International Conference in Utrecht.

Episode 1: Love and Work, Mouse and Lovelace (2011)
Oriana investigates the lives and loves of two amazing women who produce provocative, sexual performances, namely the club performer Mouse and video artist Kristen Lovelace. Mouse is famous for her explicit live acts in which she demonstrates the squirt-power of her muscle-lined orifices, the vagina and anus. We go deep inside Mouse and find out what makes her tick! Second guest, Kristen Lovelace, makes video works that exploit herself as a sexualised being. Kristen receives relationship advice from our staff psychologist, Oriana’s mom, and expert exercise tips from Mouse. Tune in to find out all you need to know about life, love and kegel exercises.

Episode 2: Curing Scottee’s Academia Phobia (2011)
Artist, activist and troublemaker Scottee reveals he is suffering from what he calls ‘academia-phobia’. Not to worry, he gets the help he needs from our staff psychologist, Oriana’s mom. With her support, Scottee discovers that his emotional response to all things scholarly is actually a perfectly fitting and healthy reaction to a lifetime of exclusion from that realm. Moreover, his artwork is revealed to be a useful and healthy strategy for expressing anger. Go Scottee!

Episode 3: The Therapeutic Potential of Performance (2012)
This episode explores the role of performance in relation to varying forms of psychotherapy, specifically Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, psychodynamic counselling and Jungian psychoanalysis. It features interviews with Oriana’s real-life therapist Bernadette Ainsworth, the psychotherapist and performer Liz Bentley, and method acting coach Sam Rumbelow. Each guest becomes and adamant and fiercely passionate proponent of the form of treatment they received or are practicing and very much hold to the notion that another form of therapy would not have come close to doing the job.

Episode 4: Killer Conversations (2017)
‘Killer Conversations’ uncovers and trials shyness-defying, confidence boosting methods for talking to strangers, whether your aim is to find sex, love, friendship, or simply to lubricate social bonds in the age of internet-induced isolation. Interviewed guests include: performance artists Brian Lobel and Marcia Farquhar and socially-engaged artist Phoebe Davies. This episode also introduces The O Show’s new staff psychologist Dr Windy Dryden, the UK’s leading expert in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy!

Episode 5: Female Masculinity (2017)
Through three artists’ candid accounts from the non-binary battlefield, we explore female masculinity from their unique perspectives in all its shameless glory. Guests include: gender variant visual artist Del LaGrace Volcano, the actor and drag king Temi Wilkey and boyish performance artist Lucy Hutson. To provoke thought as well as entertain, the show features live performances from Pecs: The Drag King collective. It was filmed in front of a live audience at Tate Britain’s ‘Queer and Now’ Festival.

Episode 6: Time’s Up, Penis Down: Masculinity, Sexuality and #metoo (2018)
For millennia men have been on top. But now masculinity is toxic and the male sex drive is libido non-grata. Taking the ‘me too’ phenomenon as a wake up call, this episode of The O Show asks if we are ushering in a new age of conservatism or moving towards a truly ethical sexual liberation. It features a group of men who are unapologetic when it comes to the expression of their sexuality, namely comedian Martin Willis; men’s fashion expert Dr Shaun Cole; performance artist Mischa Badasyan; and the lead singer and founder of Selfish Cunt, Martin Tomlinson.

Episode 7: Business or Pleasure? (2018)
In this world, even the most rebellious and anti-materialist of us can begin to feel down about ourselves when viewing our bank balance. In order to question contemporary notions of success, money and happiness, this episode features the socially engaged photographer Eva Sajovic, the art historian and former high-class call girl Marie-Anne Mancio and internationally renowned, blue-chip artist Gavin Turk. This episode of The O Show may not solve all your economic worries, or fill the void in your wallet, but it sure will help mend the dent that money has made to your pride.

Episode 8: Without sacrificing her femininity (2018)
Is femininity confining or empowering? Are traditionally feminine qualities only useful as lubricants for social bonds, to catch a lover or to raise a family? What is femininity now and how can we use it? These questions and more have come to the fore due to the upsurge in feminist activism following the election of Donald Trump and the accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Such activism succeeded at forcing the Merriam-Webster dictionary to change the definition of femininity. It had previously included the following example of how to use the term in a sentence: “She managed to become a female CEO without sacrificing her femininity.” This episode of The O Show therefore aims to continue the process of radicalism and re-definition. To this end, it features a panel of guests who relish in their femininity while stretching its boundaries, including: the erotic entrepreneur and activist Sam Roddick; the performance artist Nando Messias; and founder of The Voice of Domestic Workers Marissa Begonia.

Episode 9: You’re only as sick as your secrets (2018)
This episode of The O Show takes its title from a quote by the late Hollywood icon, Carrie Fisher – herself an outspoken manic depressive and addict, who quipped: “I do believe you’re only as sick as your secrets. If that’s true, I’m just really healthy.” In keeping with this sentiment, each of the featured guests discuss having publicly revealed that which many people would be ashamed to admit, that is, that they struggle with mental health issues or are seeking help through therapy or psycho-pharmaceuticals. The acrobatic alcoholic, Jess Love discusses her recent work that juxtaposes death-defying feats with dark, candid storytelling; the author and Lacanian psychotherapist Anouchka Grose explains the origin of her neuroses as well as her approach to providing therapy; Hamja Ahsan, the manic-depressive, social anxiety sufferer and award-winning artist expounds his revolutionary political party for shy, quiet and autistic spectrum people; and finally, Mr. Kim Noble speaks of his relief at being diagnosed as ‘mental’ and the legitimating power of art.