Excess Baggage


Making a decision is not the opposite of indecision. Actually, too often the compromise is yet more indecision, holding on to all possibilities. The protagonist in Excess Baggage tastes each of the chocolates in the box; she wears all her underwear, piles on layer upon layer of clothes. She carries the rest of her indecisions, like garments, in her suitcase – until she discovers that none of her options are that important, so she discards them one by one. In this fantasy, she is rewarded for freeing herself by being granted the perfect man, one who is handsome and compliant, and in the protagonist’s power, without having to work at finding him or face the confusion of choosing him. Yet even here she may not be free of doubt. Is he the joy she has yearned for or will he be another burden and source of doubt and indecision? Is it the chocolates or the man?

duration: 12 min
Special thanks to:
Triangle Marseille & Dogs Productions, London and L. Gabrielle Panabaz