The O Show


Do you want to find out about the lives of artists? Do you need to know how they balance the challenges of making art, paying the bills and finding love?

The O Show was made for you!
Out with the Oprah, in with the new!

Professional artist and self-taught therapist Oriana Fox hosts the kind of chat show you’ve always wanted to see. The O Show provides fresh inspiration and straight talk from the mouths of artists and performers. Oriana, her guests and staff psychologists (Oriana’s Mom and Dad) provide the tools you need to make a change – if not in the world – then at least in your little corner of it. It’s a show that will raise your energy, lower your blood pressure and occasionally make you laugh—in short, a whole 45 minutes to an hour of pure possibility.

Artists have a lot to deal with – whether it’s their larger-than-life passion, psychological neuroses or the challenges inherent in the bohemian lifestyle – many of them find creativity to be the only respite. If Oriana’s guests can find complacency, or at least enjoy themselves in the process of striving towards it, so can you!

Creative practitioners share their work, their life stories and their respective coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s obstacles. As life coach Barbara DeAngelis once said: “We teach what we need to learn.” For those viewers whose cup of joy runneth over, many of the techniques illuminated by these professionals can be employed towards achieving ever increasing happiness, self-actualisation and creative productivity. At the very least, The O Show provides an opportunity to debate whether or not happiness should be anyone’s ultimate goal. Whatever Oriana’s findings turn out to be, you can be a part of it! Join The O Show community and make a commitment to personal and political transformation!