Touch Cinema


This piece was an homage to both VALIE EXPORT’S Touch Cinema (1968) and the character of Sandy from the iconic film Grease (1978). Sporting a box-like, wearable cinema contraption, skin-tight pleather leggings and a curly blonde wig I pranced around to “You Better Shape Up“. In the best Australian accent I could muster, I invited the audience to “feel their way” inside the box where they experienced a hairy surprise.

I performed this piece  at Artsadmin for Owen G. Parry’s subscription fan club Live!art Slashbod Lemoncrit Partytime devoted to the curious relationship between live!art practice and fan fiction. Featuring guest fans, artists and writers working with fan-like tendencies including:

Kate Random Love
Megan Vaughan
Vikki Chalklin
Angel Rose
La JohnJoseph
Zara Jayne
Allie Carr
hUGE gRANT (Gareth Cutter)
Jayson Patterson
DJ BAd COmpany


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Image that accompanied my contribution to the fanzine