The O Show @ The Curtain, 31 May


Time’s Up, Penis Down:
Masculinity, Sexuality and #metoo


Starring Mischa Badasyan, Dr Shaun Cole, Martin Willis, and Martin Tomlinson (Selfish Cunt)
The Curtain31 May, 7-8pm

The “me too” phenomenon that has erupted in our social media-scape is a wake up call. It demonstrates that sexuality is never expressed in a vacuum; it exists in a power dynamic. For millennia men have been on top. But now masculinity is toxic and the male sex drive is libido non-grata. Are we ushering a new age of conservatism or can we move towards a truly ethical sexual liberation? This show puts this question and many more around masculinity and sexuality to a group of men who are unapologetic when it comes to the expression of their sexuality. Guests include: performance artist Mischa Badasyan, men’s fashion expert Dr Shaun Cole, the lead singer and founder of Selfish Cunt, Martin Tomlinson and comedian Martin Willis.

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Guest Bios

Mischa Badasyan is an artist, activist and a social worker who specialises in durational performances. For his piece entitled ‘Save the Date’ he set himself the challenge of having sex with a new man every day for a year.

Dr Shaun Cole is a fashion historian, curator and writer, and currently Associate Professor in Fashion at Winchester School of Art. An expert in men’s fashion, specifically men’s underwear and gay style, Cole has curated numerous exhibitions and written a number of books including The Story of Men’s Underwear (Parkstone Press, 2010).

Martin Tomlinson was born in the industrial heart land of Blackburn, Lancashire and at a wee young age the land offered him a great big pair of bollocks to set forth on his journey. Tomlinson founded the musical performance art collective Selfish Cunt with Patrick Constable and as its front man created amazement and disdain in equal measure. Currently, he is working on a record with producers Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas) and Marta Salgoni (Bjork, Utopia) and will make his movie debut in John Cameron Mitchell’s film ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’ (2018) staring Nicole Kidman.

Martin Willis is half-heterosexual, half-Indian and has mild psoriasis. He’s also half of comedy double act Loose Brie, described in the Evening Standard as “niche and nasty fun”. Willis is also an occasional writer for the Independent and a comedy programmer for London venues.

The Curtain, LP Room (member’s entrance)
45 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3PT