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With this trailer, Oriana Fox, the artist with a Ph.D. in self-disclosure, launches the spin-off podcast to her talk show The O Show.  On The O Show Fox interviews artists and other experts who have no difficulty ‘spilling the beans’ about their lives and opinions, especially when they defy norms and conventions. So if you’re interested in candid confessions, non-conformity, creativity and mental health, you’ve come to the right place! As episodes of The O Show are released online, so too will this podcast featuring guests old and new to comment on and expand their content, hence the name Multiple Os. Topics explored include shyness; gender identity and fluidity; sexuality; money and success; mental health. Produced, edited and hosted by Oriana Fox Sound mixing by Stacey Harvey Original Music written and performed by Paulette Humanbeing Special Thanks to Chris Halliwell and Janak Patel  

Oriana interviews Hamja Ahsan, leader of the introvert revolution. They discuss their mutual affliction, shyness. Or is it in fact their superpower? Oriana admits to feeling very guilty for having tried to convert shy people ever since Hamja made her painfully aware of how much of a sell-out she’s been to the extrovert supremacy. Will he convince her to wholly embrace her shyness or, better yet, to take pride in it? Listen and find out!

Dr Oriana Fox is an artist with a PhD in self-disclosure. She puts her expertise to work as the host of the talk show performance piece The O Show. Be sure to check out the “Killer Conversations” episode, which is discussed on this podcast.

Hamja Ahsan is an artist, activist and the author of Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert (2017) published by Bookworks. Among his many accolades, Ahsan won the Grand Prize at the 2019 Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts. The film Shy Radicals, produced by Black Dog Films, about Ahsan’s life and work, was released in 2020. For information about Ahsan’s past political campaigning for his brother Talha visit:

This is part 2 of Oriana’s interview with Hamja Ahsan, author of Shy Radicals. Hamja admits that if he dies tomorrow, he wants to be remembered for his interview on The O Show episode “You’re only as sick as your secrets”. But he’s still not convinced that Oriana’s series does anything other than promote extrovert supremacist, normative ways of living. Will Oriana dissuade Hamja from his assumption that practicing unconditional self-acceptance (USA) is in fact yet another example of extrovert supremacist dogma? Listen and find out!

In this interview with the artist Joshua Sofaer, Oriana asks for his help in finding her purpose, her why. He is, after all, a socially engaged artist who is deeply invested in turning life into art because art makes life more interesting than art. And, he’s also a relational dynamics coach and Oriana pays for his services from time to time. They also discuss the possibility of breaking into the mainstream simply by imitating the trappings of fame. But that is not all! Tune in to get the scoop on self-help, self-exposure, doubt and boilerplate definitions.

Dr Oriana Fox is an artist with a PhD in self-disclosure. She puts her expertise to work as the host of the talk show performance piece The O Show .

Joshua Sofaer is an artist who is centrally concerned with modes of collaboration and participation, which he explores through social sculpture, performance, installation, exhibition and publication. Equally as comfortable in the clean white gallery, the dramatic stage of the opera house, the carefully positioned vitrine of the museum, the shared areas of public space, and the domestic personalised rooms of private homes, what draws Sofaer’s diverse practices together is a concern with how audiences engage with the world as a place of potentiality.