Cock and Cunt Play Today


This piece is a contemporary reinterpretation of Judy Chicago’s Cock and Cunt Play (1971), a comedic skit about gender stereotypes and domestic violence. It was first performed at Womanhouse (1972) by Faith Wilding and Janice Lester who wore black leotards … Continue reading Cock and Cunt Play Today


Tableaux Vivants


Tableaux Vivants is a constellation of imagery, poses and language taken from the history of performance art. Beginning with an imitation of Vanessa Beecroft’s VB16 (1996), one of the models reaches down and pulls a scroll from her vagina, evoking … Continue reading Tableaux Vivants


The Ties That Bind


The Ties That Bind highlights the recurrent use of binding throughout the history of performance art as a metaphor for both women’s entrapment in society (within certain roles) and conversely, in a more positive light, women’s connectedness to others, their … Continue reading The Ties That Bind


2009 was an interactive website that tracked the history of feminist performance art with a timeline linked to descriptions of live acts alongside video and photographic documentation and links to further information. The works on the site encompassed myriad approaches including … Continue reading


The Moon


The Moon: Women Watch Themselves Being Looked At is a free feminist ‘newspaper’ ironically named in response to the best-selling tabloid in the UK, whilst also referencing the feminist fascination with the moon as symbolic of feminine energy. The Moon features … Continue reading The Moon