Public Acts


I taught the Public Acts Studio at The Cass, alongside Bob and Roberta Smith in 2013-14. My students and I participated in The Art Party Conference in Scarborough on 23 November.


Crafting an Artistic ‘Self’


I designed and taught this studio examining the social construction of identity through art practice at The Cass in 2012-13.


Artists Make Books


This workshop introduces students to the scope of artist publications produced from the 1960s to today including: Alan Kaprow’s Days Off calendar, L.T.T.R.’s bespoke journals and my own newspaper The Moon, among others. Perhaps more importantly, students will acquire the … Continue reading Artists Make Books


Live Art Can Change Your Life


Q: How many performance artists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: I don’t know, I left after 3 hours.
Live art isn’t always durational, po-faced or boring; in fact it can be whatever you want it to be!


5 Success Stories


I was invited to do a four-day performance art workshop with BA Theatre and Performance students at The University of Hull in Scarborough which culminated in a collaborative piece called 5 Success Stories. During the first session, to get the … Continue reading 5 Success Stories


Happiness Happenings


During the Hayward Gallery’s Move: Choreographing You exhibition, I was invited to lead an educational project inspired by the work of Alan Kaprow, the creator of ‘the happening’. The press release for the weekend-long event read as follows: Allan Kaprow’s … Continue reading Happiness Happenings


Use What You Have


I was invited by the recently merged Byam Shaw/Central St. Martins College of Art to deliver a workshop introducing first-year BA students to Performance Art. I decided to start it off with a collaborative performance which entailed sharing stories about unwanted … Continue reading Use What You Have