The O Show: Killer Conversations


Are you shy? Do you dread small talk? Are you aching to come out of your shell? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you are the target audience for this episode of The O Show!

‘Killer Conversations’ uncovers and trials shyness-defying, confidence boosting methods for talking to strangers, whether your aim is to find sex, love, friendship, or simply to lubricate social bonds in the age of internet-induced isolation. This show reflects Oriana’s deeply held belief that candour, openness and stunning choreography are needed more than ever in today’s socially and politically fractured society.

Oriana’s first guest is the socially engaged artist Phoebe Davies who discusses her approach to creating spaces where ideas are exchanged, taboos are confronted and hard subjects are broached. Second guest, the performer/curator Brian Lobel shares insights into flirtation gleaned through his project Cruising for Art, a live art event comprised of a range of one-to-one performances by selected artists initiated through eye contact and dictated by desire. My third and final guest is the performance artist Marcia Farquhar whose ‘gift of the gab’ fuels a practice of associative and articulate musings and collective dialogue, which has also included a durational piece in which she spoke for 30 hours straight. This episode also introduces The O Show’s new staff psychologist Dr Windy Dryden, the UK’s leading expert in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy!

This episode was filmed in front of a live audience at Hackney Showroom’s Joy & Dissent: A festival of cultural activism

Guest Biographies

Phoebe Davies is a socially-engaged artist whose practice is defined by its location and context, investigating and exploring how people perceive their social framework. Her work is often ephemeral and chanced upon, existing in pedestrian spaces as well as in galleries and institutions, including: The Tate, Whitechapel Gallery, Arnolfini (Bristol), Tramway (Glasgow), Fierce Festival (Birmingham), Steirischer Herbst (Graz, AUT) and Assembly (Portland, USA).

Marcia Farquhar is a performer, photographer, painter and object-maker whose practice revolves around the stories and interactions of everyday life. She engineers unexpected social interactions in which the distance between audience and performer is frequently breached. Her site-specific works have been staged and exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as well as in lecture theatres, kitchen showrooms, hotels, pubs, parks and leisure centres, with recent venues including: the Venice Biennale 55, PSI Palo Alto, UCL, London and NRLA, Glasgow.

Brian Lobel is a performer, teacher and curator who creates work about bodies and how they are watched, policed, prodded and loved by others. Lobel shows work internationally in a range of contexts, from medical schools to museums, marketplaces to forests, blending provocative humour with insightful reflection. He is a Senior Lecturer at University of Chichester, Welcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow, Core Artist for Forest Fringe and Associate Artist with Performing Medicine.


Dr. Windy Dryden is a trained psychotherapist who trains other psychotherapists including having trained Oriana’s own psychotherapist. He is a University of London Professor Emeritus and the author of over 200 publications. He has been working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy since before Oriana was born and was one of the first people in Britain to be trained in CBT.


Our new Director of Photography, Claire Nolan supports artists through documentation. With an established working relationship with a variety of artists including Split Britches, Bobby Baker, Stacy Makishi, Foxy and Husk, Sh!t Theatre and Lucy Hutson, Nolan has also been commissioned by organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, National Youth Theatre Wales and ArtsAdmin.

Charlie Cauchi, producer, audio- visual practitioner and published researcher will take charge of sound recording. Cauchi has produced films for artists and arts organisations such as Peggy Shaw, Rosana Cade, Arte Creative and the Jerwood Foundation, among others.

Choreography by Katherine Shirley
Opening song mixed by L. Gabrielle Penabaz
Dancing by Màtè Fazekas, Raimu Itfum, Despina Mavrou, Olivia Norris and Stephanie Peña

Special Thanks to:
Janak Patel, Alex Monti Fox, Josh Fox, Michael Fox, Angela Monti Fox, Vilia Hayes, Alisha Margetson and Joshua Sofaer



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