The O Show: Showreel


The O Show mines the conventions of daytime TV talk shows for all that they’re worth. It features artists and other experts who have no difficulty ‘spilling the beans’ about their lives and opinions, especially when they defy norms and conventions. So if you’re interested in candid confessions, non-conformity, creativity and mental health, you’ve come to the right place.

This showreel features the following O Show episode guests:

– Oriana Fox, opening monologue for “Time’s Up, Penis Down: Masculinity, Sexuality and Metoo”
O Show staff psychologist Dr. Windy Dryden on “Killer Conversations”
– Iconoclastic artist Del LaGrace Volcano on “Female Masculinity”
– Performance artist Nando Messias on “Without sacrificing her femininity”
– Blue chip artist Gavin Turk on “Business or Pleasure?”
– Former sex worker and art historian Marie-anne Mancio on “Business or Pleasure?”
– Activist and domestic worker Marissa Begonia on “Without sacrificing her femininity”
– Artist and author Hamja Ahsan on “You’re only as sick as your secrets”
– Host Oriana Fox, closing monologue for “You’re only as sick as your secrets”