Alter Ego Workshop at Mimosa House


I was invited to run a creative workshop exploring alter egos at Mimosa House. The participants were a group of young people aged 13-16 who are part of City Lions, an organisation that introduces teens from Westminster to arts organisations and learning opportunities.

Over the course of two hours, the participants creatively and critically explored identity, self-portraiture and the idea of a second self. Following a brief introduction to my own work and why I use alter egos, they engaged in a series of fun exercises and creative tasks including theatrical games, drawing, filling in a questionnaire, conversation and active listening as well as experimenting with green screen photography. The aim of the workshop was to increase the participants’ confidence and self-awareness by playfully exploring aspects of their selves. Through guided experimentation with varied materials and processes, participants completed at least one photographic or video self-portrait.

Oriana created a space where the group could feel comfortable using some drama games – which they loved – and this gave them permission to let their imaginations fly. They were gently guided through the process and encouraged to express themselves playfully, and they were very proud of the their work.
Gaynor Smith, Creative Curator for City Lions Project

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