Academiaphobia Workshop


I was invited by the Ableism discussion group at Goldsmiths, University of London, to transform my talk show The O Show into a participatory, student-centred workshop to address academia-induced anxiety or ‘academiaphobia’


Alter Ego Workshop at Mimosa House


I was invited to run a creative workshop exploring alter egos at Mimosa House. The participants were a group of young people aged 13-16 who are part of City Lions, an organisation that introduces kids from Westminster to arts organisations and learning opportunities.


Narcissism Workshop


Interested in the possibility that my narcissism might be a good thing, I participated in Nando Messias‘ workshop entitled Art & the Self: What did Narcissus See?, programmed by the Live Art Development Agency. Surrounded by fellow live artists, we started the weekend with a seminar … Continue reading Narcissism Workshop


Dr. Fox


I completed my PhD in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths in Autumn 2018, with a practice-based portfolio (full of O Shows and other assorted pieces) and a written thesis (piled high and deep at just over 70k words). The latter is entitled “Performance Art Can Change Your Life! Shame Attacking and Parrhesia as Feminist Practices of Freedom”.


Creative Families


I ran a series of workshops with mothers with mental health difficulties and their toddlers exploring and valuing everyday achievements. This is part of the ‘Creative Families’ project run by South London Gallery and a local NHS team called Parental Mental Health.


Performance and the Maternal


I’ve was invited to participate in a research event at The University of Cardiff entitled ‘Performance and the Maternal: Intersections and Encounters’ in March 2015.


Mothership Pilgrimage


A small group of men, women and children accompanied Lucy Thane and I as we traversed a route through Hackney on Sunday 24 May debating, exploring and exploding contemporary perceptions of motherhood via performance and embodied discussion.


Living Archives


I participated in French & Mottershead’s ‘Living Archives’ workshop, which I was hoping would flood my current creative bottleneck with great ideas from past work. The focus of the workshop turned out to be


Don’t Wait Tables: Workshop with Ursula Martinez


This two-day training session was aimed at artists who usually supplement their artist’s income with an unrewarding part-time job. The goal was to assist us in making a short act from which we could earn cash money.


Write and Perform a Monologue


Dora Garcia’s workshop at The Hayward’s Wide Open School got me thinking about why I disguise my confessions as satire. It also made me realise I may need to take a small talk workshop.


DIY9 Workshop: Live Art Therapy


Every summer Live Art Development Agency offers the opportunity for artists to take part in unusual training and professional development projects conceived and run by artists for artists. This July I had the opportunity to run one of them!


Creating a New Profession


I spent the better part of a week at Tania Bruguera’s workshop “Creating a New Profession: Behaviour Art” as part of the Hayward Gallery’s Wide Open School. I’ve come up with a job called a ‘Subterfuge Stylist’ but I’m not entirely convinced about my own concoction.


The Method


I participated in a 2-day workshop on The Method offered by Sam Rumbelow, the acting coach in Gillian Wearing’s film Self Made and learned all about how central the unconscious mind is to our everyday performances.


Potentials of Performance


I’ve written a series of blog posts about the episode of The O Show that I produced for ‘P o P’ (Potentials of Performance), the closing event of the 3-year, AHRC-funded research project Performance Matters. My writing elaborates on the thinking behind the episode, which explores the relationship between the therapeutic process and performance.


Talking about myself with Marcia Farquar


Marcia Farquar has a gift for the gab, so I took a weekend workshop her with on the topic of Autobiography in the hope that her loquaciousness would pass on to me…


The Protagonist


From 2/2011 to 2/2012 I was invited to document my practice for CT Edition’s blog The Protagonist. This period of time included numerous guest appearances on Let’s Paint TV; two residencies; The Do It All Dating Game at Nottingham Contemporary; my face … Continue reading The Protagonist


Metal Comedy Lab


I was invited by Metal Culture and Oreet Ashery to participate in a five-day residency in Southend On Sea to explore the role of comedy in my work along with fellow live artists Scottee, Owen Parry, Caroline Smith and Mem … Continue reading Metal Comedy Lab