Multiple Os podcast: Visual Soundbites Collection


Here are a selection of visual soundbites from series one of my podcast “Multiple Os”, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Buzzsprout or wherever you find your podcasts.

About the podcast:

Talk show host Oriana Fox interviews an eclectic array of artists and other experts who have no difficulty ‘spilling the beans’ about their lives and opinions, especially when they defy norms and conventions. If you’re interested in candid confessions, non-conformity, creativity and mental health, you’ve come to the right place! ‘Multiple Os’ is the spin-off podcast for Oriana’s performance piece ‘The O Show’, an instantly recognisable yet innovative take on the talk show genre. Topics explored include gender, sexuality, shyness and success, integrating therapeutic, artistic and political perspectives.

Series one guests include: artist and author Hamja Ahsan; artist Joshua Sofaer; artist, psychotherapist and fat activist Charlotte Cooper; artist Indrani Ashe; artist Harold Offeh; artist and professor, Lois Weaver; sociologist Jo Van Every; author, filmmaker and cultural critic Juliet Jacques.