Alter Egos: Photoshop, Video and Performance Module


I devised this 10-week ‘skills and processes’ module for BA students at the University of Reading. Revolving around the concept of the alter ego (or second self), this class focuses on image manipulation/Photoshop skills and performance for the video camera. Artists have created alter egos for numerous reasons: to explore gender identity, to reveal a more vulnerable or provocative side of themselves, or simply to make a body of work in a new direction. In this class students will learn about the use of alter egos and personas by artists from the early 20th century to today. They will also develop two projects: the first entails using Photoshop to create documentation of a fictional body of work by their artist alter ego and the second is to create a performance for the camera as that same character.

For more details on the module content and schedule, download this pdf.

Irem Atalay as her alter ego Bandini, based on John Fante’s literary character