The O Show


The O Show now has it’s own official, dedicated website where you can watch all video episodes including previously unreleased material. Hop on over to www.theoshow.live


The O Show Live on Instagram


For the week of 10 – 16 May, Oriana took over Mimosa House London’s Instagram feed. She conducted 20 brand new live interviews with a line up of fabulous guests from the fields of live and fine art, literature and activism.


Body Hair Removal


Humans love hair – on the top of their heads, that is – hair on their bodies, well that’s more complicated. This short documentary takes a close-up look at all aspects of body hair removal for both sexes, revealing the … Continue reading Body Hair Removal


Excess Baggage


Making a decision is not the opposite of indecision. Actually, too often the compromise is yet more indecision, holding on to all possibilities. The protagonist in Excess Baggage tastes each of the chocolates in the box; she wears all her … Continue reading Excess Baggage


All My Life


All My Life is part coming-of-age story, part personal mythology. Influenced by the ubiquitous subtexts of synthetic experience, the artist/dancer in All My Life asks, “Is this my life, or is this a Hollywood movie? Am I growing and becoming, … Continue reading All My Life


The Embodiment Workout


I often take the stereotypical leisure-time activities of women as the starting point for my videos. This work follows that pattern. I was drawn to the exercise video genre because of the endless repetition involved in following along to the … Continue reading The Embodiment Workout


3 Into 1


Inspired by Gillian Wearing’s 2 Into 1 (1997), I interviewed each of my parents, my mother, my father and my stepmother, asking them to speak about me, my personality and our relationships with one another. In the video, I act as … Continue reading 3 Into 1


Tale of Narcissus


Tale of Narcissus is the second in the series of videos in which I have set the words of the popular TV series Sex and The City into the mouths of 1970s feminists, all of whom are played by myself. … Continue reading Tale of Narcissus


Our Bodies, Ourselves


In Our Bodies, Ourselves I play all four characters of the popular TV show Sex and the City, exchanging contemporary dress and interior design for that of the 1970s. The film begins with my protagonist sewing a Judy Chicago-esque vaginal quilt and … Continue reading Our Bodies, Ourselves