The O Show: Time’s Up, Penis Down


Announcing the next episode of The O Show: “Time’s Up, Penis Down: Masculinity, Sexuality and #metoo” @ The Curtain in Shoreditch on 31 May, 7-8pm. Book tickets now!


Touch Cinema


Come see me profess my love of feminist performance at Artsadmin this Thursday. I will be performing at Owen G. Parry’s subscription fan club devoted to the curious relationship between live!art practice and fan fiction.




This work lays to rest the woman who ‘has it all’, in an homage to Kathie Amatniek’s “Funeral Oration For The Burial of Traditional Womanhood”, which was written for the first protest of the women’s liberation movement in 1968.


Witch Zap Action


Disguised as my alter-ego Granny Fanny, I offered makeovers to various women at the private view of the exhibition “Witch” curated by Seana Wilson and Caroline Halliday. I approached women by saying, “I love your look”, followed by something along the … Continue reading Witch Zap Action


Introducing The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP


In this parodic performance, I play the newly appointed UK Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, defending her educational policies to an audience gathered to celebrate the demise of her predecessor Michael Gove.


Art in the Age of Austerity


In this parodic speech as former UK Cultural Secretary Maria Miller, I argue that the arts must make an economic case. If that fails to convince the audience, then my fabulous dance routine should force them to empty their pockets.


The Art Party


By invitation of Bob and Roberta Smith I participated in the Art Party Conference, a dizzying event to advocate art to the UK government. This entailed boarding a bus at 4.45am…


The O Show @ The Art Party


By invitation of Bob and Roberta Smith I participated in The Art Party Conference, a dizzying event to advocate art in schools to the UK government. This durational, special edition of The O Show entails interviews with the participating artists Richard Wentworth, Patrick Coyle, Sylvia Ziranek and many more.


Remote Control


‘How much has TV influenced our desires?’ This was the question at the heart of my performance in response to the ICA’s exhibition Remote Control, which surveys the impact that television has had upon contemporary culture. As part of their series … Continue reading Remote Control


Bat Mitzvahs Revisited


Rachel Mars and Mekella Broomberg invited me to participate in Bat Mitzvah’s Revisited, a spoken word event in celebration of International Women’s Day. I was one of ten “brilliant women” from different generations who were invited to deliver our bat-mitzvah … Continue reading Bat Mitzvahs Revisited


Let’s Paint TV Appearances in 2011


I took a trip out to Los Angeles to guest star in three episodes of Let’s Paint TV. We exercised, painted and cooked an English breakfast, bombay potatoes and trifle.