I am Mr. Let’s Paint


I’d obviously impressed Mr. Let’s Paint with my paintings of avocados and portabello mushrooms, so he invited me back for yet another appearance on his live web tv show. Somehow, despite hardly saying a word while the show was on air, I had gained his trust. As proof of this, on the third and final day of my trip to the Valley John allowed me the honour of being Mr. Let’s Paint. Some of his die-hard fans were annoyed – they wanted the real John, but others seemed to embrace the fresh face who tried and failed to live up to John’s image. I did it all – I painted, I exercised, I cooked and I took calls. One caller made the suggestion of Hermes, the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, as the subject of my painting. Hermes, who in this depiction has the receding hairline of his maker, is identified by his glittery winged sandals which practically leap off the paper

Hermes, the messenger of the gods