Special Guest on Let’s Paint TV


After performing my homage to John Kilduff (a.k.a. Mr. Let’s Paint) by exercising, cooking pancakes and painting a male burlesque dancer as he stripped, I plucked up the courage to write to the man himself. I was positively chuffed when he wrote back to me straight away taking up my offer to make a guest appearance on the live web version of his show. I packed my bags and got on the next flight to LA.

My brother’s car ran out of gasoline the morning I was to appear on the show but luckily we were able to roll into a filling station and I made it just in time for the 11 o’clock start. So I literally shook John’s hand and stepped onto the treadmill, which hopefully explains why I look a bit like a dear in headlights. I found it really difficult to perform for an invisible audience whose reactions I couldn’t perceive; it brought out all my shyness. I hardly said peep the whole show. Fortunately, my avocados spoke for themselves and John invited me back the next day to barbecue.

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Halved Avocado