Introducing The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP


They say Gove did to children what Thatcher did to the miners. So you can understand how proud we in the conservative party are of both of them!

In this satirical performance, I play the newly appointed UK Secretary of State for Education, The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, defending her educational policies to an art-loving audience who were gathered to celebrate The Art Party film that predicted the demise of her predecessor Michael Gove. She introduces herself briefly, explaining why she got into politics:

I looked around the community and I felt very strongly that the corporations and the banks alone were not doing enough to help the rich, so I felt it was necessary to go into politics.

Shortly thereafter Nicky opens the floor to questions, sharing her opinions on Margaret Thatcher, art, gay marriage and more:

Q: Where do you stand on gay marriage, have your views changed!?
A: Well, yes. I mean no. I mean it’s not to my taste, but each to his own anus.

Q: You’ve replaced all of Gove’s advisors, does that mean you do not share his agenda?
A: I felt it was important to create the illusion of change.

Q: What kind of art do you like?
A: Glancing around the ICA this evening, I’ve never been more appreciative of traditional art.

Unexpectedly, Nicky passes gas very loudly and Michael Gove in the shape of a monkey falls out of her skirt. The piece ends with the following dialogue:

NICKY: Oh Mr. Gove, it’s wonderful to see you here at the ICA, but what were you doing up my backside?

GOVE: The same thing you’re doing up mine.

Performed at The Art Party screening, ICA London. Co-written by Alex M. Fox. Costume and puppet customisation by Katie Beeson. Special thanks to Bob & Roberta Smith and Deborah Herring.