Getting Ready


I learned how to put on my face, thanks to Bird la Bird’s DIY Workshop ‘Getting Ready’ with professional make up artists Bea Sweet and Patrycja Grimm.


2009 was an interactive website that tracked the history of feminist performance art with a timeline linked to descriptions of live acts alongside video and photographic documentation and links to further information. The works on the site encompassed myriad approaches including … Continue reading


Once More With Feeling


As the result of my having received the ‘Art in the Archive: Living with Make Bursary’ from The Women’s Art Library/Make and Feminist Review, I organised an evening of rediscovery and new feminist performance art entitled Once More With Feeling. The event took … Continue reading Once More With Feeling


The Moon


The Moon: Women Watch Themselves Being Looked At is a free feminist ‘newspaper’ ironically named in response to the best-selling tabloid in the UK, whilst also referencing the feminist fascination with the moon as symbolic of feminine energy. The Moon features … Continue reading The Moon