The Method


I participated in a 2-day workshop on The Method offered by Sam Rumbelow, the acting coach in Gillian Wearing’s film Self Made and learned all about how central the unconscious mind is to our everyday performances.


Potentials of Performance


I’ve written a series of blog posts about the episode of The O Show that I produced for ‘P o P’ (Potentials of Performance), the closing event of the 3-year, AHRC-funded research project Performance Matters. My writing elaborates on the thinking behind the episode, which explores the relationship between the therapeutic process and performance.


Artists Make Books


This workshop introduces students to the scope of artist publications produced from the 1960s to today including: Alan Kaprow’s Days Off calendar, L.T.T.R.’s bespoke journals and my own newspaper The Moon, among others. Perhaps more importantly, students will acquire the … Continue reading Artists Make Books


Talking about myself with Marcia Farquar


Marcia Farquar has a gift for the gab, so I took a weekend workshop her with on the topic of Autobiography in the hope that her loquaciousness would pass on to me…


Live Art Can Change Your Life


Q: How many performance artists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: I don’t know, I left after 3 hours.
Live art isn’t always durational, po-faced or boring; in fact it can be whatever you want it to be!


The Protagonist


From 2/2011 to 2/2012 I was invited to document my practice for CT Edition’s blog The Protagonist. This period of time included numerous guest appearances on Let’s Paint TV; two residencies; The Do It All Dating Game at Nottingham Contemporary; my face … Continue reading The Protagonist


Metal Comedy Lab


I was invited by Metal Culture and Oreet Ashery to participate in a five-day residency in Southend On Sea to explore the role of comedy in my work along with fellow live artists Scottee, Owen Parry, Caroline Smith and Mem … Continue reading Metal Comedy Lab


Entertainment Value


‘Entertainment Value‘ was a two day skills sharing workshop led by Scottee (programmed by The Live Art Development Agency) with artists from cabaret, trash or low art practices in collaboration with live artists, academic or institution based practitioners. The workshop aimed … Continue reading Entertainment Value


The O Show – pilot episode


The pilot episode of The O Show was filmed at Performance Studies International #17 in Utrecht and broadcast simultaneously online. My guests included performance artist Owen Parry, stay-at-home-dad Jay Stewart and Felicity (Vikki Chalklin), a tele-sales operator from Woking who received … Continue reading The O Show – pilot episode


5 Success Stories


I was invited to do a four-day performance art workshop with BA Theatre and Performance students at The University of Hull in Scarborough which culminated in a collaborative piece called 5 Success Stories. During the first session, to get the … Continue reading 5 Success Stories


Naked as a Jaybird


I participated in Oreet Ashery’s ‘Naked as a Jaybird‘ Weekend Workshop at Artsadmin which was marketed as follows: This experiential workshop will focus on intimate encounters with our sensorial awareness and perceived thresholds, leading to shared creations of performative moments, … Continue reading Naked as a Jaybird


Happiness Happenings


During the Hayward Gallery’s Move: Choreographing You exhibition, I was invited to lead an educational project inspired by the work of Alan Kaprow, the creator of ‘the happening’. The press release for the weekend-long event read as follows: Allan Kaprow’s … Continue reading Happiness Happenings


Use What You Have


I was invited by the recently merged Byam Shaw/Central St. Martins College of Art to deliver a workshop introducing first-year BA students to Performance Art. I decided to start it off with a collaborative performance which entailed sharing stories about unwanted … Continue reading Use What You Have




I participated in the DIY 7 Detour workshop run by artist Ania Bas, which was part of the Live Art Development Agency‘s programming. The description that enticed me to sign up went as follows: Detour is a search for ways … Continue reading Detour


Getting Ready


I learned how to put on my face, thanks to Bird la Bird’s DIY Workshop ‘Getting Ready’ with professional make up artists Bea Sweet and Patrycja Grimm.