Once More With Feeling


As the result of my having received the ‘Art in the Archive: Living with Make Bursary’ from The Women’s Art Library/Make and Feminist Review, I organised an evening of rediscovery and new feminist performance art entitled Once More With Feeling. The event took place Tate Modern on 27 June 2009 and appropriated gestures, language and concepts from the history of live art in order to highlight the legacy of the field’s forerunners and comment on how their work has been reinterpreted, subverted or perhaps even ignored by contemporary women’s performance practice.

The event included three re-enactments by me and six by the other artists I commissioned, namely: Oreet Ashery, Katherine Araniello, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Davina Drummond & Nadine Jarvis, Caroline Smith and Lucy Thane.

See video documentation, images and more information on each of these performances >.

The newspaper/catalogue The Moon was published by CT Editions to coincide with the event as a parallel artwork documenting and extending its themes. An interactive website www.performfeminism.com was also established extend the timeline of feminist performance art history begun within The Moon.

Additional performers: Shir Aloni, Judy Batalion, Sharon Bennett, Melanie Clifford, Marja Commandeur, Lucy Dear, Marlon Dolcy, Sarah Dadzie, Laura Eagland, Angela Monti Fox, Michael Fox, Penelope Granycombe, Antje Hildebrand, Georgina Leahy, Carole Luby, Genevieve Maxwell, Jake McGarry, Bruce Sharp, Lorraine Smith, Magdalena Suranyi, Aaron Williamson and Arlene Wandera

Stage Manager: Sven Olivier Van Damme

The event was made possible through the financial support of: Goldsmiths College. Feminist Review, LCACE, Tate Modern, The Danish Arts Council and the National Lottery through The Arts Council England.

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