I am Mr. Let’s Paint


I’d obviously impressed Mr. Let’s Paint with my paintings of avocados and portabello mushrooms, so he invited me back for yet another appearance on his live web tv show. Somehow, despite hardly saying a word while the show was on … Continue reading I am Mr. Let’s Paint


Penny Social


This event at Tate Britain was modelled after a community gathering that I went to as a child. Traditionally a Penny Social is a fundraiser where people pay for sheets of tickets to bet on assorted knick knacks and bric-a-brac … Continue reading Penny Social




Experts believe women are better than men at multitasking. Therefore, in this 10-minute performance I put my femininity to the test by simultaneously exercising, making pancakes and capturing the likeness of my muse, the male burlesque dancer British Heart. Please … Continue reading Multitasking


Cock and Cunt Play Today


This piece is a contemporary reinterpretation of Judy Chicago’s Cock and Cunt Play (1971), a comedic skit about gender stereotypes and domestic violence. It was first performed at Womanhouse (1972) by Faith Wilding and Janice Lester who wore black leotards … Continue reading Cock and Cunt Play Today


Tableaux Vivants


Tableaux Vivants is a constellation of imagery, poses and language taken from the history of performance art. Beginning with an imitation of Vanessa Beecroft’s VB16 (1996), one of the models reaches down and pulls a scroll from her vagina, evoking … Continue reading Tableaux Vivants


The Ties That Bind


The Ties That Bind highlights the recurrent use of binding throughout the history of performance art as a metaphor for both women’s entrapment in society (within certain roles) and conversely, in a more positive light, women’s connectedness to others, their … Continue reading The Ties That Bind


Once More With Feeling


As the result of my having received the ‘Art in the Archive: Living with Make Bursary’ from The Women’s Art Library/Make and Feminist Review, I organised an evening of rediscovery and new feminist performance art entitled Once More With Feeling. The event took … Continue reading Once More With Feeling


We All Liked Him


At Elevator Gallery’s annual Zero de Conduit event, five ladies and one gentleman took over the dance floor, doing the hustle in formation to The Bee Gee’s hit ‘You Should be Dancing’. Hips thrusting and arms gyrating, the stud took each … Continue reading We All Liked Him


A New Love Is A New Life


As part of the ‘Into Position’ art festival in Vienna, I was invited to participate in Failure Notice, an exhibition about the process of exchange and the consequences of miscommunication. I showed my video Excess Baggage which was made as the result … Continue reading A New Love Is A New Life


Lightness and Weight


This performance took place on the opening night of my solo exhibition at the gallery Red District in Marseille. Typical of my first live performances, the piece continued the pairing of personal dialogue with Hollywood choreography that I began in … Continue reading Lightness and Weight


The Time of My Life


This was my first live performance. It was created for the premiere screening of my film All My Life and continued its themes. I delivered a monologue written by Rachel Rosenthal and then invited my dance partner onto the floor … Continue reading The Time of My Life